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0852. T.Dubois : Complete Organ Works V. Urtext (Bärenreiter)

0852. T.Dubois : Complete Organ Works V. Urtext (Bärenreiter)
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0852. T.Dubois : Complete Organ Works V. Urtext (Bärenreiter)
0852. T.Dubois : Complete Organ Works V. Urtext (Bärenreiter)
Instrument : Organ
Volume / Series: Complete Organ Works, Volume V
Editor : Schauerte-Maubouet, Helga
Language(s) of text : French, English, German
Product format : Performance score(s), Anthology, Urtext edition
ISMN : 9790006542482
Edition No.: BA 9208
The fifth volume of this well-established Urtext edition includes the “Dix Pie`ces” and the “Fantasietta” with variations on a Provençal theme, which are published for the first time since the first printed edition.
The “Dix Pie`ces” have a clear formal structure, and, like many other works by Dubois, who was organist at the Paris church of La Madeleine, reflect the composer’s desire to create works which could be performed equally well in church services or the concert hall. As with the previously published volumes, this edition includes facsimiles, a critical commentary with a full listing of the sources as well as a detailed foreword which contains a biography of the composer and sheds light on questions relating to the instrument and performance practice.
- First Urtext edition of the organ works of Dubois
- Reflects the latest musicological research
- Music for church services and concerts
- Detailed foreword, critical commentary (Ger/Eng/Fr) and facsimile page


Théodore Dubois

Content :
• Préface
•Théodore Dubois - Aperçu biographique: Etapes de sa vie
• L'Oeuvre d'Orgue:
• Le recueil des "Dix Pie`ces (nouvelles)"
• Théodore Dubois et son retour a` l'orgue
• Théodore Dubois et ses dernie`res oeuvres pour orgue
• Preface
• Théodore Dubois - A biographical appreciation: Stages in his life
• The organ works:
• The collection "Dix Pie`ces (nouvelles)"
• Théodore Dubois' return to the organ
• Théodore Dubois' last organ works
• Vorwort
• Théodore Dubois - Eine biographische Würdigung: Lebensstationen
• Das Orgelwerk: •
Die Sammlung "Dix Pie`ces (nouvelles)"
• Théodore Dubois Rückkehr zur Orgel
• Théodore Dubois letzte Orgelwerke
• Facsimiles / Illustration:
• "Evocation", first version
• "Mon Journal, 18 Xbre 1922"
• "Magali", Provençal folk song
• Composer / Author: Dubois, Théodore
Dix Pie`ces (nouvelles) pour Grand Orgue (1921):
• Composer / Author: Dubois, Théodore 1. Entrée
• Composer / Author: Dubois, Théodore 2. Pie`ce canonique
• Composer / Author: Dubois, Théodore 3. Déploration
• Composer / Author: Dubois, Théodore 4. Pastorale
• Composer / Author: Dubois, Théodore 5. Prélude
• Composer / Author: Dubois, Théodore 6. Fugue
• Composer / Author: Dubois, Théodore 7. Evocation
• Composer / Author: Dubois, Théodore 8. Introduction-Fantaisie; Fughetta et Coda
• Composer / Author: Dubois, Théodore 9. Imploration
• Composer / Author: Dubois, Théodore10. Sortie (Grand Choeur)
• Composer / Author: Dubois, Théodore Fantasietta avec variations sur un the`me provençal Genesis of the work: 1922
• Rapport critique:
• I. Abréviations
• II. Principes éditoriaux
• III. Sources
• IV. Notes détaillées
• Critical Report:
• I. Abbreviations
• II. Editorial policies
• III. Sources
• IV. Detailed references
• Kritischer Bericht:
• I. Abkürzungen
• II. Zur Editionstechnik
• III. Quellen
• IV. Einzelnachweise
• Glossary