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2533. J.Brahms : Fantasies op. 116 - Urtext (Bärenreiter)

2533. J.Brahms : Fantasies op. 116 - Urtext (Bärenreiter)
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2533. J.Brahms : Fantasies op. 116 - Urtext (Bärenreiter)
The piano pieces opp. 116-119 were written in 1892/93 and are the last collections of pieces which Brahms wrote for the instrument. Particularly noteworthy is his use of the “small form” accompanied by a heightened increase in musical expression compared to his earlier works.
Clara Schumann, probably the secret dedicatee of the piano pieces, wrote in her diary in November 1892: “a true source of enjoyment, everything, poetry, passion, fantasy, intimacy, full of the most marvellous sound effects […]. In these pieces I finally feel musical life drawn into my soul again and play once more with true devotion.”
A renewed critical evaluation of all known sources has resulted in small deviations from previous readings.
- Johannes Brahms’s most frequently performed piano pieces, now available in high quality Bärenreiter Urtext editions
- Evaluation of all available sources
- Reflecting the latest state of research
The editor
Christian Köhn teaches piano at the Musikhochschule in Detmold . One of his specialisms is the piano music of Johannes Brahms, as shown in his highly acclaimed complete recording of Brahms’s four-hand piano repertoire on CD with his duo partner Silke-Thora Matthies . For Bärenreiter he has already edited Brahms’s Serenades op. 11 and 16 for piano duet (BA 6570/BA 6571).

Content :
• Vorwort / Preface
• Fantasy: Capriccio D minor op. 116/1
• Fantasy: Intermezzo A minor op. 116/2
• Fantasy: Capriccio G minor op. 116/3
• Fantasy: Intermezzo E major op. 116/4
• Fantasy: Intermezzo E minor op. 116/5
• Fantasy: Intermezzo E major op. 116/6
• Fantasy: Capriccio D minor op. 116/7
• Critical Commentary


Johannes Brahms