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2543. Ch.L.Hanon : Der Klaviervirtuose (EMB)

2543. Ch.L.Hanon : Der Klaviervirtuose (EMB)
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2543. Ch.L.Hanon : Der Klaviervirtuose (EMB)
2543. Ch.L.Hanon : Der Klaviervirtuose (EMB)
2543. Ch.L.Hanon : Der Klaviervirtuose (EMB)
2543. Ch.L.Hanon : Der Klaviervirtuose (EMB)
Instrument : Piano
Language : English-German-French-Spanish-Italian-Hungarian
136 pages
Publisher : Editio Musica Budapest
ISMN : 9790080077832 
Edition No: 7783
The volume in a new, decorative cover is useful to every pianist. Students with a year's study behind them will succeed in mastering theexercises. Advanced pianists after working through the exercises will be able to tackle even serious technical difficulties. In the volumedifferent forms of technical difficulty are encountered. The exercises may be performed on more than one piano simultaneously, sothat students become accustomed to ensemble playing.

Learning the piano is so widespread these days and good pianists so numerous that mediocrity on the instrument can no longer be accepted. In effect, the piano must be studied for eight or ten years before performance of a harder piece is attempted. Few can spare the years for this. It takes one hour to play the volume in full. Once it has been mastered, it is enough to set aside for it a little time each day and the difficulties will disappear almost like magic. Playing will become as attractive, accurate, fluent and pearly as that of the best performers.'

This piano method by the French music teacher Charles-Louis Hanon (1819-1900) appeared in 1874, with these introductory words addressed to the realm of pianists. Almost a century and a half later, it remains among the most popular systems of piano tuition all around the world, and Hanon's name has become generic for systematic instrumental methods, even in types of popular music.

The Virtuoso Pianist appears as a publication in six languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian.

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